So…here it first post! We were asked to share our experiences using the databases at CSU Library.This is the first time I have used databases and I think they are a fabulous source of easily accessible information. Well…. I’m expecting them to get more easily accessible the more I use them. I need to practice things many times before they become automatic. I have happily squandered quite a bit of time getting lost in articles within the databases. So much interesting stuff to read yet so little time……..
The folders are definitely a welcome tool. I often used to save my google search pages (back when I thought online searching was all about google!!) so I think I will quickly become comfortable with using this format of saving searches and articles.
I am finding the tutorials very useful when it comes to navigating the CSU library.


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  1. Well done Vicki. This is really clean looking blog. Good Web design says lots of white space, black/dark text on a light/white background and small chunks of text using a sans serif font such as Arial or Verdana for easy reading. Conversely, print on a page uses serif fonts like Times New Roman because they are easier to read (something to do with the curly bits!). Congratulations oin beginning your learning journey. 🙂 BC

  2. PS Love the image – just took another look at it and realised in encapsulates both old and new technology! 🙂 BC

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