Role Statement

If your school has a teacher librarian role statement compare it with these statements. What are the similarities and differences, and foci to those presented in the above international, national and state-based statements? Post your thoughts on your blog.

I have just moved into my TL position this year and am replacing a retired TL who has been in the position for 15 years. My school does not have a role statement for the TL but the following are the unspoken expectations

  • Small budget for library to manage acquisitions outside of those ordered by KLA committees  (picture books, nonfiction related to children’s interests, fiction (for reading for enjoyment)
  • Accession, process, manage and circulate  new resources
  • Provide RFF for classroom teachers/Collaborate with them as to content/curriculum areas covered

Obviously a great deal of advocacy is  needed to guide my school community into a change of mindset that sees the TL role as something much more than a story reading babysitter/clerical worker.  .  I will start by posting Joyce Valenza’s poster  in a prominent position and begin to campaign for my inclusion in the KLA resource selection decision making process. I can also begin to show by example some of the rich teaching/learning activities that an effective TL can engage their students in.


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