Take Home Message From Speakers Regarding Our Endangered Status

Those of us who are afraid that teacher librarians are an endangered species can calm down. Although some of the speakers concede that there may be a threat they also reassure us that our unique position as information experts is as relevant and in demand in the 21st century as it has ever been. They do emphasise however that we need to be strong advocates for our profession, maintain our core values and continue to redefine our roles in a changing environment. Good schools, regions and education systems recognise that we are integral to student learning. Only those with a fundamental ignorance about our role suggest otherwise.


Jenkins, H, Johnson, D, Luhtala, M, Moorefield-Lang, H and Neuman, D  (2012, Jan/Feb) 30 Second Thought Leadership: Insights from Leaders in the School Library Community. The American Association of School Librarians.                     (Audio podcast)  Retrieved from http://www.ala.org/aasl/aaslpubsandjournals/knowledgequest/aboutkq/30second_JanFeb12Rayner,


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