The creation of this blog is a requirement of my CSU Teacher Librarianship course.

I have been teaching since 1987. My first appointment was to Ali Curung, an Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory. Following that I performed a variety of roles throughout NSW and VIC including K-6 classroom teacher, Aboriginal Education Resource Teacher and Reading Recovery Teacher.

In 2005 I became quite disillusioned with the system and was suffering from burn out. I had always had an interest in real estate so I took a huge leap of faith, resigned from DET and opened my own real estate office. For 7 years I really enjoyed running a busy and financially successful business. However I was beginning to miss some of the aspects of teaching that I loved. At the top of my list of things I was pining for were working with kids, being mentally stimulated! and the collegiality of teachers. So I sold my business and leapt back across the chasm…..

After surviving the horrendous ordeal of the merit selection process 🙂 I am now very proud and excited to be a new teacher librarian.

Let the journey begin………………………………………………….


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